We Both Go Down Together

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above photo:  KARK news February 27th-28th were sad days in Hot Springs, Arkansas and the surrounding area. We lost a historic landmark when the beautiful Majestic Hotel was slowly destroyed by a raging fire. above photo:  Mara Kuhn, Arkansas Online below:  drone shot, KARK news Built in 1886, The Majestic was visited by tourists and notables from all over … Continue reading


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Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope your January has been amazing.  There’s certainly a LOT going on around here – so much so that it’s hard to find time to blog (I’m also working 13 out of every 14 days). —————- I was looking back at my January blog from a year ago (“An Axe … Continue reading

Turn On The Bright Lights

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“Light is creation. Darkness is the space necessary to create.” ― Erica Jasmin Cartaya LIVE It isn’t enough to simply inhabit – to suck up oxygen and take up space while entangled in a safety net of familiarity and status quo. Comfort must be exchanged for growth. —- It isn’t useful to recoil from what … Continue reading

Live Free Or Die

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above:  the headstone of Eliza G. Randall**, Star Island, Atlantic Ocean 34 Questions for a Dead Woman Did they call you “Liza” for short? Were you petite and delicate, or large and powerful? Did you consider yourself “pretty”? Was physical beauty of any importance to you? – Did you love yourself? – Were you brazen, … Continue reading

Trying To Make A Dollar Out Of Seventy-Five Cents

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Ahhhhhhhhhh…it’s been WAY too long since I made a blog!  They are becoming more and more infrequent — I just can’t get TWO SECONDS to myself most of the time. :-(  I have to find more time for creating and writing. Today, I finally sorted through hundreds of photos I took on my vacation about … Continue reading

We’ll Never Be Royals – It Doesn’t Run In Our Blood

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It’s that time of year again… time to pour your favorite drink, put your feet up, and chill while listening to JENN’S HOT SUMMER PLAYLIST -  the 2013 edition Some old, some brand new, these are the tunes I’m loving most at the moment, and I’ll DEFINITELY be rocking these songs as I hit the skies … Continue reading

The Birds In Your Garden Sang The Truth

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Did some more polaroiding with vintage cameras. The model/muse this time was my daughter.  She had to hang upside-down for quite some time for me to get the shot.  She was patient and amazing, as always. The above photo was inspired by the work of Ray in the late 1920′s.  Moved by a general idea/pose, I … Continue reading

Even An End Has A Start

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SKF a free verse poem You asked me if I wanted to join you after work, maybe sit in your truck for a while. My heart leapt in anticipation of our daily ritual of kisses and hand-holding and sweet nothings and giggles before we part. —– But on this morning, there were no giggles. You … Continue reading

If My Nose Was Runnin’ Money, I’d Blow It All On You

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Entry from my “Dream Journal”, Spring 2013: As the dream begins, I’m sitting in my home late at night, bored.  I decide I want to go shopping, but there’s a problem:  my car doesn’t work.  So I go outside and walk through my neighborhood until I find a vehicle to steal — although I call … Continue reading

She Was Many Things, But She Was Never Boring

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So my daughter went to her first PROM, y’all. Okay, seriously:  who hit the fast forward button on the Life DVD?  She CANNOT be getting this old.  WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING? More photos of my beautiful young lady and her dapper boyfriend from their big night… “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and … Continue reading

Bolting The Night Of The Door With Her Arm

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The Caretaker A free verse poem of abuse and fear, hope and love. ——————————- Mine is a land of unfulfilled longing, A sphere of indifference, struggle and shame. Each seemingly sweet thing a fructose poison That sours this soil where nothing safe grows. – Petrified earth strewn with dreams and bones broken, Debris buried Hell-deep … Continue reading

We Boil At Different Degrees

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Those who love 1910′s/1920′s cinema as much as I do will recognize what I was attempting with the above self-portrait (cropped from a Polaroid shot with my 320 model land camera).  It’s my modern-day homage to the iconic photograph of actress Gloria Swanson, taken by Edward Steichen in New York, 1924.  In the historic shot, Steichen held a piece of … Continue reading

An Axe For The Frozen Sea Within Us

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Happy New Year, everyone! I ended 2012 by watching my favorite film of all time.  Passion, inspiration, and some of the most powerful and beautiful words that pens ever scratched on paper — not a bad way to spend an evening, eh?… After being re-fueled and pumped up by O’ CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN and his team of dead poets,  it … Continue reading

sometimes you just have to STRAP IT ON.

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Pictured above are 18 film cameras from my personal collection.  Their birthdates range from the 1920′s to the 1990′s.  Close friends will notice a new guy in the group, in the top left corner of this photograph:  The KODAK TOURIST II, introduced to the public in 1951 . This blog is a tutorial for any of you lucky enough … Continue reading

We’ll All Be Square For Fifteen Minutes

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Everyone knows that I’m an old-fashioned, antique-loving, retro-rocking, analog-appreciating, film-carrying “Classic Girl”. No doubt. But I’ve spent the last several weeks playing with those small, square-shaped digital images you’ve seen popping up everywhere.  And it’s been kinda fun. So here are some moments from Halloween 2012, INSTAGRAM style: From the ankles up, I’m all cloak-covered ghoul.  … Continue reading

I Slipped And Dreamt That We Were Free

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Ladies and Gentlemen, an announcement: This is the BEST.  PHOTO.  EVER.  In case you don’t know which one is my daughter, here’s a hint:  WHITE. Also?… look for the kid who appears to be just one second away from LOSING HER SHIT. BEST. Proud mother of a glow-in-the-dark screaming banshee, Jenn.

I Shine By The Light Of The Unknown Moment

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“On Incandescence“ by Jenn Howe You are not my sun. That magnificent, magnetic hope Has yet to unfold His fated face to mine. – Yet just as careless children grasp At untethered things that fly and fascinate, You cast your covetous net over me. Consent is of no consequence to your illegitimate claim. – I … Continue reading

You’re a transistor. Lightning resistor.

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Words of wisdom and awesomeness, spoken by my daughter:    (about death) — “At my funeral, I want one of my friends to dress like the Grim Reaper and just stand in the corner.” (about dogs) — “They need to make strawberry labs.  They already have chocolate ones.  And I call the light ones vanilla … Continue reading

Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge

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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…IN HELL.   That’s pretty much how every person in Arkansas feels this summer.  It’s too damned hot to do anything…except stay indoors and spin some vinyl that’s even hotter. This week, I made my first public YouTube playlist.  It features just a few of the songs I’m playing on heavy rotation during the summer of 2012. … Continue reading