Bite The Bullet. Cut That Mullet.

(above:  dress –  Erin Fetherston for Target; eyeliner – Rimmel London; hair spray paint – Party City.  Taken with vintage 1960’s Polaroid camera.)

Since today is my favorite day of the year, I thought I’d share a simple Halloween costume idea with the girls…especially those of you who adore retro fashion.  ❤

This look was inspired by the beautiful mod-era girls of the 1960’s, but most of all, the divine TWIGGY!  In her early modeling days, she was known for her huge eyes, extreme eye makeup, her waif-ish frame, and her blonde, super-short, boyish haircut.   To copy the look, here’s all you need to do:

1.  If you have super-short hair already, simply part your hair FAR on one side.  Sweep/tuck any hair on the side behind your ears.  If your hair is long, like mine, simply do the deep side part, then pull your hair into a low pony-tail in the back, and tuck your hair up UNDERNEATH the base of the pony-tail and the elastic to give the illusion of having short hair.  Pin any loose hairs into place.

2.  Most of us don’t (naturally) have very blonde hair like Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy, so you can do what I did, and use one of EDIE’s own tricks:  Edie was a natural brunette – most people know that.  What most people DON’T know is that before Edie started using dye on her hair to go platinum blonde, she first SPRAY-PAINTED her hair in the early “Factory” days.  And the color she used?….SILVER.  Using a safe, washable hair spray paint in the color silver will give the illusion of having blonde hair…especially in photographs.  And it’s a FUN, bold color to rock, so wear it with confidence! 🙂

3.  After spraying yourself down, THEN get dressed (so you don’t ruin your cute outfit).  Twiggy rocked many looks, but for this one, which mimics her EARLY modeling days, you want to find a dress or shirt (preferably a MINI-dress) which looks school-girlish, and/or has a “Peter Pan”- type collar.  These are the styles she wore most often during this period.

4.  And last, but certainly not least…TWIGGY’S famous make-up look!  It can be summed up with fair, healthy, natural-looking skin (with a few freckles showing through, so feel free to DRAW a few freckles with an eyeliner pencil), a very pale or “nude” lip, and then – as we all know – enough eyeliner to kill a horse.  But the fun is applying the eyeliner in Twiggy’s signature way:  lots of dark liner (and false eyelashes!) on the TOP lid, followed by a LIGHT colored eyeshadow or highlighter covering the lid (above the liner), then more eyeliner OR a dark eyeshadow in the CREASE between the lid and the brow bone, and more highlighter on the brow bone itself.  Most importantly, take a dark eyeliner, and DRAW the famous lines – called “TWIGS” – beneath your eyes/lower eyelids.  Et Voila!…you have a bit of that TWIGGY magic!

                                           (above:  The REAL Twiggy).

Now go use those huge, “doe” eyes and that school-girl charm, and flirt with every cute, single male in your neighborhood as you go trick-or-treating tonight!

May you all have a great time, score lots of candy (or phone numbers), and GET YOUR SCARE ON.

                                (above:  now THAT’s scary.  Good grief.)


Now, I’ll let my beloved Edgar take you on a journey.  Until next time, Jenn  x

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