You Be The Rocket And I’ll Be The Sky

                   Just hangin’ around:  tree ghost, Halloween.  Malvern.

So…my favorite Holiday has passed (BOO), and my vacation time is over for the year (HISS).  But it was ACE.

                The Pit and the Pendulum.  Oooh, that pendulum hurts so good.  Crikey!


 And the good times really got a-rollin’ when my sister Steph came to Hot Springs.  She and I ate a fine dinner, drank a bottle of red, then set off for one of the local HAUNTED TOURS.  The Hot Springs ghost tours each run one hour in length, and take you to several legendary, mysterious – and some say, haunted – locations along Central Avenue in the downtown area.  (For those interested, you can buy discounted tickets and receive more info HERE:

Several months ago, I went with my daughter for the 8:00 p.m. tour, which heads SOUTH on Central Ave.  On that particular trip, we had a really enthusiastic and patient tour guide named Steve, and everyone in the group had a blast.  He was AWESOME.

This go-round, my sister and I met with two of my friends – Tanya and Shannen – for the 10:00 p.m. tour, which covers the NORTH part of Central.  We had a great time, but I must say…I really, REALLY missed Steve.  Because this time, we got a very hurried and bored teenager for a guide.  He didn’t even pretend to want to be there.  And we didn’t get the full HOUR we’d paid for.  I guess he was in a hurry to get home and try to get laid or something.  But still…cool locations, neato history, spooky stories, good times…

Oh, and did I mention that our teen guide was a Gangsta?

WORD.  Straight up.

                                       Behold…”GANSTA BAWS”.  

‘Cause he’s stylin’ like a GANGSTER and he’s pimpin’ like a BOSS.  Hence the name I christened him with:  Gangsta Baws.


That suit!  That hat!  That little head-attached microphone!  He is one DAPPER MOTHA CHUCKA.  POW!  Shut yo mouth!


                                  I said Bawwwwwwwwwwwwwws.

 And Big Daddy Baws took us to many a chilling and historic place.  Such as…

 …The Arlington Hotel  (above).  This was a frequent stop for another Gangster — none other than Al Capone.  When Capone came to Hot Springs to visit and “do business” (a.k.a. have people killed and stuff), he would often rent the entire 4th floor for himself and his rowdy friends.  Drinking, smoking, sexxxing, gambling, and MURDERING would ensue.  Legend has it that many of the men and women killed back in the day still haunt the rooms and roam the halls.  And having stayed there myself, I will say…the place is super eerie.  Especially late at night, when it’s quiet.  Well…when it’s SUPPOSED to be quiet.

Then there’s this famous Hot Springs building (above), which you may have seen on the television numerous times.  It’s The Medical Arts Tower.  But you might recognize it from the show “Smallville” — or from the older “Superman” t.v. series (it was used in both) — as the exterior of THE DAILY PLANET, the newspaper building where Clark Kent and Lois Lane both worked.  Yes, really.  You can check it out on the web at various sites, including this one:  But even MORE interesting is what really took place INSIDE the building when it was used for secret medical treatment and “testing”…but some who survived would call it “torture”.  Countless people died during their stay here.  Crazy stuff reportedly happens all the time in this now-abandoned building.  Just looking up at it from the parking lot gave me the chills.  Jeepers Creepers.

 And boy, I sure liked this location (above) – the notorious hotel with one helluva bad-ass name…

…that would be The Howe Hotel, another hotbed of Gangster and Mobster activity back in Hot Springs’ heyday.  Tons of terrifying history, and endless stories of torture and murder.  What I wouldn’t give to get into this building for one night.  I’m GOING to get in there.  Look at all the freakin’ “orbs” in the FIRST photo of The Howe.  And I don’t usually fall for that “orb” crap.  But I’m gonna tell you…it was not rainy, foggy, misty, or “dusty”, and the ONLY places where I shot orbs were the creepy locations that had seen lots of death….and I shot photos of every place and every thing.  ONLY the allegedly haunted places had these orbs show up, en masse.  Weird.

 Ummmm, okay…so this is my little sister (blonde, in the middle), but you can’t see anything except her back, and her hair whipping in the wind.  “Why?”,  you ask.   Because she is in full gallop, like a prize-winning horse at the Kentucky Derby.  She and the entire crowd are SPRINTING to keep up with our guide, who seems hell-bent on setting an Olympic-level speed record.  We are all at the mercy of Gansta Baws, God help us, and he can’t be bothered.  Damn it, he doesn’t have all night!  Let’s roll OUT, people!

Another haunted hotel, The Plaza (above).  I can’t remember the story about this one, but I’d sure love to live there.  It would be the coolest.  apartment.  EVER.

Our crowd parted to make way for these two Zombies to pass through.  That woman was VERY committed to her Zombie walk/limp/drag.  Took her sweet time.  Which pissed off BAWS to no end, I’m sure.  Heh heh.  Heh.

After the tour, my sis, friends and I went down to another reportedly haunted building, The Poet’s Loft.  We toured the place, then we were allowed to stay inside for a while (with the lights down) after they closed to the public.  Tres cool.  We all got Tarot Card readings after closing time, as well.  Then we hung out some more in the back courtyard area, where there’s this crazy statue. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this…thing:


Me and Thing.

Many of the photos from this night have yet to be revealed, as my sister used a DISPOSABLE camera.  I freakin’ love that.  Like she said, there’s still an “element of surprise.  You don’t know what you might have captured until the film finally comes back developed.”  True dat.

Next blog:  my vacation, part two…a.k.a. “the week that I sat on my ass, single-handedly ate more food than an entire army, and watched crapteen hundred movies on Netflix, because I’m too poor to go anywhere.”  So I just sat at home and chilled.

Like a BAWS.

— jenn


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