Repetition Deadens Awareness. Repetition Deadens Awareness.

I haven’t made a YouTube movie for ages, and there haven’t been nearly enough Polaroids in the Blog de Jenn for some time.  So I decided to play a little “two birds, one stone,” bringing together a couple of my favorite things.  They made sweet love and had a baby.

1 Slideshow.

5 minutes, 22 seconds.

600-type film.

50 Polaroids from my collection.

To watch my new YouTube video, grab a glass of wine and click BELOW:

And keep shaking it like a Polaroid picture.

— Jenn


5 thoughts on “Repetition Deadens Awareness. Repetition Deadens Awareness.

    1. Thank you… I appreciate you taking the time to watch – and I miss you! I don’t miss FACEBOOK, but i DO miss you 🙂 I hope you are very well, and thanks again! xo

      1. Hey Jennifer, I finally got a working digital camera which does everything, but it only has 2.1 megapixels. I figure that resolution is so low by todays standards that I won’t get those types of digital pictures where you can see every last smarmy detail, like the rate of change in somebody micropores. Wish you were on facebook still, but I know it can be a time and energy waster. I figure at least I am not carrying it around on a smartphone too like some do. Mike

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