I Smelt The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

Yesterday, I got my new prescription glasses.¬†¬†So today, I spent hours riding my bike around town pretending that I was in a video for THE SMITHS, circa 1987.¬† Because that's just the ridiculous kind of shit I do.¬† I was dressed the part, and sing-screaming at a level no neighbor could ignore: "STOP ME, OH-OH-OH … Continue reading I Smelt The Last Ten Seconds Of Life


Fill Me Up, Cillian Murphy

Entry from my "Dream Journal", for¬†the night of 3/6/2012: The dream began with me¬†driving up to a¬†lone¬†establishment¬†on a remote¬†highway to refuel my car.¬† The gas station attendant is Irish actor Cillian Murphy.... Cillian:¬† "What can I do for ya, Lass?" Me:¬† "Fill her up, please.¬† Unleaded." Cillian:¬† (starts pumping the gas,¬†then gazes¬†thoughtfully toward the sky)¬† … Continue reading Fill Me Up, Cillian Murphy

Her Life Is A Dark Room…One. Big. Dark. Room.

Teenagers:  masters of bullshit. Here are a few recent conversations between myself and Lana, my 14-year-old daughter.  You have to excuse her.  Due to hormones, she has temporarily gone FULL-TILT STUPID. CONVERSATION #1: Lana:  "You and Dad are sooooooo mean!  None of the other kids have that rule.  None of my friends have such strict parents.  NOBODY I … Continue reading Her Life Is A Dark Room…One. Big. Dark. Room.