Fill Me Up, Cillian Murphy

Entry from my “Dream Journal”, for the night of 3/6/2012:

The dream began with me driving up to a lone establishment on a remote highway to refuel my car.  The gas station attendant is Irish actor Cillian Murphy….

Cillian:  “What can I do for ya, Lass?”

Me:  “Fill her up, please.  Unleaded.”

Cillian:  (starts pumping the gas, then gazes thoughtfully toward the sky)  “It sure is quiet in town since the marching band left.”

Me:  “Yeah.  But we’ll always have the fiddler on the roof.”

Cillian:  “Aye.  That’s true.”  (he finishes filling the tank, then stands in front of me, waiting)

Me:  “So how much do I owe you?”

Cillian:  “5,000 dollars.”

Me:  “That’s a good price these days.”  (I rummage through my purse, pull out a crumpled bag)  “Ummm….all I have is this half-eaten bag of potato chips.”

Cillian:  (he takes the bag, begins eating a few chips)  “Oh…PICKLE flavor!  Just like Mom used to make!”

Me:  “I know.”

Cillian:  “Well, this MORE than covers the cost.  I owe you some change.  I could have sex with you.  Would that be good?”

Me:  “Oh, it’ll be good alright….for YOU.”



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