I Smelt The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

Yesterday, I got my new prescription glasses.  So today, I spent hours riding my bike around town pretending that I was in a video for THE SMITHS, circa 1987.  Because that’s just the ridiculous kind of shit I do. 

I was dressed the part, and sing-screaming at a level no neighbor could ignore: “STOP ME, OH-OH-OH STOP ME…STOP ME IF YOU THINK THAT YOU’VE HEARD THIS ONE BEFOOOOOOOOOORE!!”   

The best part, however, is pausing mid-bike ride and doing “the pose”.  For a long time.  And in this case, taking a picture of yourself doing it.  And watching other people walk/drive by with a total “WTF?” face.

Oh my God — FUN.  So boys and girls, remember…a set of “four eyes” can be bad-ass, and good fun taboot.  Yes, I just used the word taboot.  You gonna stop me, oh-oh-oh stop me?

P.S — Amongst songs/videos, STILL BOSS:


P.S.S. — For those of you too young to remember the 80’s, this song will blow the current, radio-played, auto-tuned garbage out your ass.  And you might even learn something – MOZ KNOWS ALL. 

P.S.S.S. — A special thank you to the delightful Shannen, who had coffee with me yesterday, and gave me the awesome Polaroid necklace I’m wearing/displaying/eating below.  Mmmmmm, tasty! 

Shakespeare’s sister, Jenn


13 thoughts on “I Smelt The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

    1. So great to see your face again, Paul (in tiny, TINY picture form!), and what a coincidence — I was thinking of you this morning, right before I saw your comments. Psychic connection! Thank you, fab one…and I hope you’re well 🙂 xo

      1. What a coincidence, as *you* were on my mind too, (hence I sought you out 😉 Psychic powers activated! Think I’m going to go back to dreaming….hope to see you there…

    1. Ha! feels like FOREVER ago! Are we ancient? Urghh.
      Trust me, she’s got it good — WAY better than most. Her occasional “breakdowns” are merely comical, and together, she and I laugh and laugh about them later on. I’m so glad that she knows she is safe and very, VERY loved. The one thing I’m proudest of in this life is that I know, deep down, that I’ve been a very good parent. THAT is satisfaction 🙂

  1. I’ve always liked that tune, and most of the others from the Smiths, which I like only slightly, only slightly less…

    1. Hey, Jennifer, I am spending less time on facebook. I figured out that I can use the chat facility from inside yahoo and never even log on to the damn thing. I spent a couple of weeks totally off it after a relationship sort of came crashing down on me. But, I do miss your varied posts, and especially the music hints. I get movie tips from alison and music tips from you.

      1. Speaking of new music — one of my long time faves (The Shins) has FINALLY made a new album. The wait almost killed me. But even better than the first single?…the first VIDEO. This thing cracks my stuff UP…enjoy: http://youtu.be/RoLTPcD1S4Q

    2. Hey Jennifer, I hate to sound out of it but I actually didn’t know much about the Shins,actually not a thing other than I’ve heard of them… and I’m listening to it right now, it kicks arse… the tune Phantom Limb at the moment. Would you post some more of your suggestions, or better still email me at jazzbox35@gmail.com? Bravo! Your musical taste is enviable.

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