All Kinds Of Dust Are Gonna Keep Me Satisfied

Above:  the first photo taken in this new year of my life. 

That’s right, kiddos:  as some of you remembered, it’s…


At 3:50 a.m., I’m already WELL into the opening celebrations — I’m enjoying champagne with raspberries (a la Marie Antoinette), cake, candlelight, and old Hollywood films (“Classic Girls”…always a win).

But I had to pause the movies so we could celebrate TOGETHER.  Hopefully, you’re not on your phone and your computer has some speed, because we’re about to have

AN ANIMATED GIF PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SWEET.  It’s my special day, and most of my favorite characters are IN MOTION on my page.  It’s all so exciting!

Wait, why is everyone getting naked?


Now we need some drinks and party favors:

Oh Marlene, you make something so bad look SOOOOOOOOOO good, honey.

This party is getting HOT!

I know, Joaquin.  It’s almost too much to handle.  By the way…you’re hot as well, sweetie.  SMOKIN’ hot.

Oh, yes.  I’ll kiss you sweetly, Joaquin.  Just lean in…

***Violent Crashing Sound***

Cillian??!!  Oh darling, there’s no need to be jealous of Joaquin — I have plenty of love and passion for the both of you!  Later, the three of us can make a Jenn sandwich.  We just need to break the tension…

This party needs some bad-ass music, pronto.

Hell yeah…here come THE CURE, DURAN DURAN, and INTERPOL to save the day!

Awww, The Cure even brought Robert’s wife Mary to dance for my Birthday.  How sweet!

Ummm….Duran x 2??  Are you going to play, or just sit there looking pretty?  Nevermind.  Looking THAT good, you can do whatever you damned well please.  Carry on…

Wait…here comes INTERPOL!!!!

Paul, you have to stop singing about me.  The times we had together are private.  But otherwise…great set, guys!

Now EVERYBODY’S dancing!  WOOT!

This birthday party is off the CHIZ-AIN!!  I’m glad you decided to stop by and take part in the celebration.  A kiss and a wink for each of you….

And as always, remember:


With love and gratitude for all of my wonderful friends,

xo, Jenn


9 thoughts on “All Kinds Of Dust Are Gonna Keep Me Satisfied

    1. You’re always invited! I’ll bet you’re a wonderful party guest, always spicing everything up 🙂 Enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday (argh, the dreaded Holiday/Birthday combo…today, every place is sure to be either A) closed or B) WAYYY too crowded). Thanks again! xo

    1. Thanks so much – and I appreciate the text message earlier, as well. You’re always so kind and thoughtful…you’re ACE! 🙂

  1. A nude Kirsten Dunst… makes me long for my high school gf back…. }sigh{… but very enjoyable nevertheless. You’re one foxy, creative woman Jennifer!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Mike 🙂 If I could deliver Kirsten to your doorstep (wearing nothing but a big ole honkin’ bow), I TOTALLY would!

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