18th Century Brain in a 21st Century Head

Above:  Just the tip of the birthday bounty — cards (including a Marie Antoinette card), a 1965 POLAROID Model 103 camera (HELL yes), clothing (sweet), an Astrology book (lurve <3), Turkish coffee cups (de-lish!), and badass ANTIQUE photographs (including a stunning, unique Ferrotype)…awesome birthday loot!!!

I was already amazed that my photography and writing have been viewed and appreciated by people from 112 of the 196 countries on Earth, to date.

Then, my Birthday happened.

I am truly humbled by the outpouring of love and good wishes I received for my 37th birthday, from people all over the world.

The photo above (via Instagram) shows but a few of my wonderful Birthday gifts.  I also received dinner and coffee on the town (thanks S!), money (thanks T & E!), and the birthday greetings under the “comments” section of my previous blog. (Thank you P, B, W, & M!).

That was just the beginning.

 Besides these visible greetings & gifts — and WITHOUT the aid of Myspace or Facebook, both of which I HAPPILY and HEALTHILY gave up a long time ago — I received hundreds upon hundreds of birthday greetings from every corner of the Earth — via text message, private e-mail message, YouTube private message, mail at my other hidden/private/”SECRET” websites *evil grin*, phone calls, and even good ole “snail mail”.  I have taken the time to privately reply to each and every one of these greetings, but this doesn’t even begin to show my gratitude.

To say that I feel lucky and blessed is an understatement of epic proportions.

Thank you SO MUCH to each of you!!!  You made my Birthday sweeter than ANY other!  🙂

There is only one thing I wished for that hasn’t come to pass, but we can all keep hoping (fingers crossed–Johnny’s SINGLE again!!):  the reunion of Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp, coolest and most beautiful couple EVER…

But other than that, my Birthday was PERFECT.  Absolutely perfect.

My sincerest thanks, gratitude, and love,




One thought on “18th Century Brain in a 21st Century Head

  1. You’re young Jennifer… even in your 40s is still young. I’m staring down the barrel of the big 5 – 0…

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