You’re a transistor. Lightning resistor.

Words of wisdom and awesomeness, spoken by my daughter:

   (about death) — “At my funeral, I want one of my friends to dress like the Grim Reaper and just stand in the corner.”

(about dogs) — “They need to make strawberry labs.  They already have chocolate ones.  And I call the light ones vanilla labs.  So they should make strawberry.”

(about holidays) — “Ah, Christmas….the time of year when people sit around a dead tree eating candy out of a giant sock.  Which has soooooooo much to do with Jesus.”

(after watching “The Exorcist” for the first time) — “Ummmm…maybe we should say a prayer or something.  Also, I need a comedy film and some ice cream.”

(about boys) — “I have a test.  If a guy listens to the band Nickelback, I won’t date him.  Ever.”

My Lana Brunelle.  She just keeps getting better.

And now – unbelievably – she’s over 15 years old.

AND she’s taller than me.

AND she has a boyfriend (seven months now).

AND — as if I’m not already on the verge of a coronary 24/7 — she is now


Clear the roads people.  Shit’s about to get real.

(Please pray).

Equal parts wonder-struck and scared shitless by this amazing creature, always.

For the girl who was born at 3:11 —

xo, momma


4 thoughts on “You’re a transistor. Lightning resistor.

    1. Oh, it isn’t her birthday – that was quite some time ago. This blog is about Lana herself and how big she’s getting, not her birthday…but I shall still pass the greeting on to her, and thank you!

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