I Slipped And Dreamt That We Were Free

Ladies and Gentlemen,

an announcement:

This is the BEST.  PHOTO.  EVER. 

In case you don’t know which one is my daughter, here’s a hint:  WHITE.


look for the kid who appears to be just one second away from LOSING HER SHIT.


Proud mother of a glow-in-the-dark screaming banshee,



4 thoughts on “I Slipped And Dreamt That We Were Free

  1. That looks like a wee baby-coaster…!
    O, you beautiful-yet-fragile Southern belles–such delicate hot-house flowers….

    1. Oh dear. For your sake, I hope Lana doesn’t see your reference to “wee baby-coaster” riding, above. Lana don’t play that. Lana is a ninja with dragon blood, and she goes hard. She rides the biggest, tallest, and fastest rides, always. Rides that grown men can’t handle. Upside-down, Inside-out, she doesn’t care…she loves them, no fear. She knew the camera was at that particular point, and she did one of her goofy/scared/crazy faces – cause she’s self-deprecating, humorous, and super-cool like that (and the result made us both laugh so hard we cried…she LOVES this photo). But don’t be fooled by her sweet little exterior and the fake-scared face in this photo. When it comes to flowers, she puts the STEEL in Steel Magnolia. Trust. 😉

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