We’ll All Be Square For Fifteen Minutes

Everyone knows that I’m an old-fashioned, antique-loving, retro-rocking, analog-appreciating, film-carrying “Classic Girl”.

No doubt.

But I’ve spent the last several weeks playing with those small, square-shaped digital images you’ve seen popping up everywhere.  And it’s been kinda fun.

So here are some moments from Halloween 2012,


From the ankles up, I’m all cloak-covered ghoul.  But the Converse stay on, damn it.

We need holy water, stat.  #demon

Me — SO pale (what’s new?)…

Music cranked up, candles lit, ready to scare kids and give out candy on my front porch.  There’s always a spectacle at our house.  (Note the cup of coffee — I do NOTHING without my coffee).

Watching “Night of the Living Dead”…classic horror films on our T.V. all night long.  We do it up right.

Cats trying to fish out/pick-up candy without thumbs = non-stop hilarity.

SO MUCH CATICORN AWESOMENESS IN YOUR FACE…BOOM!   Cat + unicorn horn = Caticorn.  Horn somewhat resembles a dunce cap on Spooky’s extra-small head, but no matter — Caticorn!  Shut yo mouth!

So far, Instagram has been a pretty good time.  So if you’re there, come play.

NOTE:  If you know how to look me up and you’re unable to view/find my Instagram, well…that probably means you’re one of the crazy assholes that I blocked (and there’s still ONE rogue asshole out there – someone who lives out of state…I need to find and block them).  Sorry — I don’t deal with assholes anymore, EVER.  The good news is that out of the 7 billion people on the planet, there are only about FOUR that I consider to be epic, raging assholes…so most of you are safe, and most welcome 🙂

P.S.  No worries for all you lovers of film photography and antique cameras — I’m still a Classic Girl at heart, and I’ll be returning to these subjects in the future posts…

Until next time,

— Jenn