Scratched Your Name On My Arm With A Fountain Pen

Louise Brooks 3


So there’s this amazing young woman who lives in England — her name is LOUISE.  She was, as I understand it, named after the divine 1920’s actress Louise Brooks (pictured above).

The 21st century English Louise and I have been internet friends for quite a few years, and it has been a pleasure to watch her blossom from a teenager into the stunning woman she is today.  We bonded over our mutual love of art, artistic types, photography, and stunning sirens of years past — especially the roaring 20’s.

About a week ago, she made this YouTube video for me. I’m sharing this because it’s just about the coolest thing anyone ever did for me, and she is SO adorable she must be shared with the world.  Like I said on my Facebook page:  “Warning:  her cuteness will melt your face off.”

So here’s a link to the sweetest and cutest girl in England:

Thanks again, Louise…xoxo, Jenn 🙂


One thought on “Scratched Your Name On My Arm With A Fountain Pen

  1. This is absoutely wonderful!!!!!!! The two of you are sooooo sweet!!!! I really enjoyed Louise’s post to you!!!

    Strong Heart xoxo


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