She Was Many Things, But She Was Never Boring

Princess Hair

So my daughter went to her first PROM, y’all.

Okay, seriously:  who hit the fast forward button on the Life DVD?  She CANNOT be getting this old.  WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?

More photos of my beautiful young lady and her dapper boyfriend from their big night…

Handsome Couple, Prom 2013

The Happy Couple

Lana and Christian

Lana Brunelle, Prom 2013

Christian Lee, Prom 2013

Lana and Christian By The River, Sepia

Down By The River

The Group

Staci Photographs Christian And Lana

The Kiss

Ready To Go



Prom Site, The Arlington Hotel

The Venue

On The Staircase

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it…”

True that, Ferris Bueller.  True that.

Go hug your babies.  They’ll be grown and leaving home before you know it.

Lana and I - her first prom

xo, Jenn


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