The Birds In Your Garden Sang The Truth

Lana, Out Of The Darkness

Did some more polaroiding with vintage cameras.

The model/muse this time was my daughter.  She had to hang upside-down for quite some time for me to get the shot.  She was patient and amazing, as always.

The above photo was inspired by the work of Ray in the late 1920’s.  Moved by a general idea/pose, I then put a modern, color, hazy spin on it.  Also, I wanted to accentuate a different theme – “coming out of the darkness” after loss, heartbreak, hardship, or repression.  Re-emerging, as though born anew, in a state of tranquility, grace, and strength.

The photo below, shot on 3000 speed black and white with the 320 Polaroid LC, had a haunting quality.  I was also shocked by how much different she looked…very much like me when I was younger.

Ghost in the Darkness 1 - Copy

Minutes pass.  Years pass.

My beautiful girl and favorite model recently turned 16.

Lana and I - Marianna

Lana and I, Baby School

Lana and I, Photobooth, July 2013

Lana, Prom Dress Shopping, 2013

I love you, Lana.

Thank you for always being my greatest inspiration and my best friend.

xo, Momma


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