I’m A Woman, Phenomenally.


Today I turned 39,

and 39 feels just fine.


#BirthdayGirl #Vegan #LoveYourAge #LoveYourBody #LoveTheAnimals #LoveTheEarth

Photo taken by my daughter Lana, at Lake DeGray.

I feel strong, grounded, and happy this year.

Here’s hoping I’m lucky enough to get at least 39 more.

— Jenn



8 thoughts on “I’m A Woman, Phenomenally.

    1. Thank you, dear Brent. I miss you! Please don’t be a stranger, and fill me in on your newly-wedded bliss! 🙂

  1. Young lady, my wife and I stayed in room 218 at the Crescent, BEFORE seeing your video! We had no idea the room was haunted. They just put us in there for our weekend getaway. That night, a figure kept appearing at the foot of our bed! The very one you slept in! Whenever I placed my hand on my wife’s hip, the image would vanish. When I pulled my hand off, it would show up again! My wife is super attractive, but since I am Irish and also a Freemason, I wonder if that is why Michael showed restraint. Perhaps it was out of respect for a fellow Mason or Irishman! Loved your video! I was so shaken up from the weekend, I began researching when we got home and found it!

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