I’m Miss World. Somebody Kill Me.


above:  Lana, front and on the 50, doing her color guard thing with the MHS band.  Halftime show, homecoming 2014.

To my daughter, who didn’t make homecoming court,

Like many girls across the country, you felt sad when you weren’t chosen to be a member of your school’s homecoming court.  I hope you don’t think I’m disappointed that you didn’t make it, cause sweetheart, I don’t give two.  This court business is nothing more than a ludicrous, outdated ritual which hurts many and proves absolutely nothing.   A popularity vote and a bedazzled gown don’t make someone “royalty” any more than my typewriter makes me Ernest Hemingway.  You know what DOES make one queenly?  Being a supportive and gracious lady when every friend you have is getting a moment to shine and you’ve been passed over.  You are beautiful inside and out, and your mind is a magnificent treasure.  I hope you never doubt that.  I’ve never doubted you, and you always make me proud.  So don’t you dare feel “less than” today – or ANY day.  Some girls may receive a tiara tonight, but you are a crown jewel – a gem, rare and precious, hidden in rocky soil.  One day soon, you will emerge to dazzle the world with your radiance.

Love, your eternally grateful and devoted Mom


 above:  my precious girl, left.  She is taught to love herself, and she knows that she is loved unconditionally — no tiara needed.  ❤

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