But When She Stops Dancing, Her Mind Turns To The Sea

1.  The big moment came.  Now my girl is a high school graduate.


This photo is hilarious (above).  She looks SO ready to be done. She’s like “Pshhhhyeah, let’s wrap this thing up.”


Baby girl rocked it out. Graduated with Honors, 4.09 GPA. 🌟🎓🏆

She plans to be an orthodontist.

After the ceremony, it was time to celebrate with a party just for her…

Keepin’ it real. 👆

Her favorite part:  getting lots of moneyyyyyy. 💰

A wonderful night…and I couldn’t be prouder. She did such a great job in high school. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the future.

And then, as if I didn’t have ENOUGH major life changes going on…

2.  Lordy, Lordy, look who’s forty!

I hit the big one, y’all.  🎂4⃣0⃣🎆

Lana and I brought it in alone…peacefully, sweetly. She baked me cupcakes with enough candles to create a glow visible from outer space.

#werk #ThisGirlIsForty

I have such mixed feelings. In many ways, I feel great. I enjoy getting older. My mind is certainly more beautiful — every single day. And emotionally, I’m so much more stable and mature. I find aging to be a (mostly) pleasant experience.


This is a major transition period for me. It isn’t just (roughly) the “mid-way point” of my life, should I be lucky enough to live to old age…it’s also the time when I must shift from being a full-time Mom to having an “empty nest”. I’ve spent my life living for others, putting someone else’s wants and needs before my own:  roommates, boyfriends, a husband, then my daughter…they always came first. Shocking fact:  I’ve never lived FOR MYSELF.

In four decades on this planet, I’ve obviously learned many things about who I am:  hobbies I love, things I will (and will not) tolerate, desires and beliefs, fears that still need to be conquered. But who am I, really, if not just “Mom”?  Being a mother has been my life’s work, and while it was the greatest honor filled with endless happiness, I lost a huge part of myself. Or perhaps I never found it to begin with.

Very soon, my daughter will move out and begin her life as an adult. For me, it will be a bittersweet phase — a time for letting go of my girl, but also the start of a long honeymoon period with myself.  There will be much sadness that she isn’t here with me, but I plan to enjoy each moment of self-discovery as I follow my “gorgeous curiosity” (Elizabeth Gilbert used this term, and I love it).  I’ll be on an unfamiliar, unsteady, yet thrilling path that will lead me to what I want.

In the meantime, I’ve still got a couple of months until she leaves town for her college studies, and I plan to enjoy an amazing summer with my sweet girl. May you all enjoy the warm days ahead…

Until next time,

Jenn 😊


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