Eat My Shorts


Eat My Shorts

A collection of short poems by Jenn Howe

“Photos or it didn’t happen,”
said the girl who believes in God.


 Above:  reading poetry to the public at Arts in the Park, Hot Springs.

Us, In Three Settings
The spitting and sucking of the sea
as we walked along the shoreline,
falling in love.
The spitting and sucking of bodily fluids
as we came together in a tempest of passion.
The spitting and sucking of venomous words
as everything crashed down around us,
our union lost in the wreckage.


Above:  coffee shop poetry reading, Hot Springs.  Photo by Shannen LeCompt.

Your Life, Sober
When the moans emanating from
your speakers finally cease
and the cloud of smoke
around your head disappears —
should that day arrive,
you’ll come to in a room
scattered with answered prayers,
each one dismissed
and shattered on the dusty floor —
the monumental waste of the
self-centered and careless.
And the only sound you’ll hear
in that tomb of your own making
will be the echoing footsteps
of the one person who truly cared
as they walk toward a distant shore.


Above:  the real joker — reading at Kollective Coffee, Hot Springs.  Photo by Kai Coggin.

Let it Burn
Even with all you’ve
lost to fire, still celebrate
ignited desire.


Above:  flying in a dress by Elizabeth and James.  Photo by Chuck Dodson.

Pulse (Orlando, June 2016)
Enough is enough.
Their love is more divine than
your hatred and fear.


Above:  shorter, darker hair for my birthday.  Taken by moi.

Four decades to see
that the ghost under the bed
has always been me.

imageAbove:  the night I turned 41, I had a swim in the local fountain.  Photos by Shannen LeCompt and Chad Green.


If ever we are alone
and you are willing,
I will explore you in total darkness
as if I am blind,
all lips and fingertips.
I don’t need eyes
to devour your beauty.
I want closer than sight will allow —
your foreign scent in my nostrils,
my tongue slowly gliding against your skin,
the sound of your uncontrolled breath
filling my ears.
I will study you with a fervor ascribed
to the wicked and the wild,
tracing every detail
of your hardness and softness
until your form is
as known to me as my name,
a thing I could never unlearn.
Then, I will invite you
to discover the hidden
and secret parts of me.



Above:  a $110.00 bottle of champagne, a great Italian meal, and the best of friends…what a fabulous birthday it was.  ❤  Photo 1 by me, Photo 2 by Chuck Dodson.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my short poems – a few haiku, a few free verse.

Some really good stuff happening in the coming months…more poetry, a newspaper write-up, and a radio interview.  I’ll be sharing information with friends on social media as I receive it, and I’ll post a link for listening to the radio show via the internet.

Until next time,





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