Bow From The Waist. Accept Your Kudos.


Above — reading on my big night. Dress: vintage from the 1970’s, just like me…purchased from Pretty Penny antique clothing boutique, California. Glasses:  KLiiK, Denmark.

Hello, readers!  I was recently the feature poet at Kollective Coffee and Tea in Hot Springs, and I wanted to share a few photos from that magical evening…


👆🏼Snippet from the newspaper article featured in The Sentinel Record.

So many people came out to support me/hear my poetry, and my brother and sister made it in from Texas. ❤️

image image image

Below — people kept taking photos of my shoes???…😂


Thank you to Kollective Coffee, everyone at WNP, everybody who came to the feature, and all of you who have read the blog and stuck by my side while I grew up as a person and evolved as an artist. Still so far to go…

Until next time,

Jenn. 🌸


2 thoughts on “Bow From The Waist. Accept Your Kudos.

  1. JH:
    It’s always important for one to hear, from another who yet strives for his or her art, the impression that he or she hasn’t yet arrived; it’s ever heartening to realize that some others understand the importance of both the product and the process.
    I’m proud of you.
    Love & Regards,

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