You’ll Get Nothing, And Like It


This just in:  Jenn has a thing for…Chevy Chase?

Entry from my dream journal, April 17th, 2017:

As the dream begins, I find myself standing alone in a hotel room.  I barely have enough time to wonder what the hell’s going on, when in walks a Caddyshack-era Chevy Chase.

Me:  Woah.

Chevy Chase:  Darling!  I’m sorry I’m so late…

He rushes over and hugs me passionately.

Me:  What in the world…?

Chevy Chase:  I know, I know.  This isn’t the room you asked for, but everything else was booked.

Me:  I remember watching you on T.V. when I was a little girl.

Chevy Chase:  (Gazing into my eyes, holding my face)  I’ve waited so long.  And now, you are a woman.  And WOW, what a woman you are!

Me:  You know me?

Chevy Chase:  Let’s just do this.  Let’s have intense, mind-blowing sex.  Right now.  (He starts kissing me and running his hands through my hair)

Me:  (finding myself oddly and wildly turned on)  Oh wow…well…I AM single.  Okay, yeah!  That sounds like fun…

We fall onto the bed and start tearing each other’s clothes off.  Just as things get really good, we are both startled by the bathroom door swinging open.  Standing there, draped in nothing but a towel, is Danny DeVito.

Danny DeVito:  Chevy!  Hey!  My date will be here any minute, and I’M going to be having sex in this room.  You two need to scram!

Chevy Chase:  Danny, you always spoil my fun!  (turning to me) Come on, darling…we’ll find another place to consummate our love.

Me:  Ummm…okay.  Nice to meet you, Danny.

Chevy takes my hand and leads me out into the hotel hallway.  Then he reaches into the pocket of his jeans and pulls out an extravagant diamond necklace, and fastens it around my neck.

Chevy Chase:  (stroking my cheek) Forever, my darling.  Forever.

Me:  Right on.

We resume making out, the dream fades to black,

and I wake up…very aroused.

I can be turned on by Chevy Chase…who knew?


What a wonderfully weird place my mind is.

Some of you have noticed that many of my blog posts have changed or disappeared.  The site is getting an overhaul, and all poetry has been removed for the time being.  I’ve been revisiting all the old poems — editing them, completely changing some, throwing a few out, and trying to decide what to send out as a manuscript to publishers…all while writing many completely new works.  April is National Poetry Month, and I’ve been a busy bee.

I hope you are all having a beautiful spring.  Let’s meet up again soon, okay?  And in the meantime, hold on tight to your dreams…

xo, Jenn


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