I Don’t Mind You Coming Here Wasting All My Time

Oh mi gato.  LIFE.  IS.  DIFFERENT.  #EmptyNest Many people have asked about Lana.  She is fine...now.  The oral surgery became a fiasco, since she had an adverse reaction to the anesthetic.  Puking without end, amen amen.  Buckets of vomit.  There was an actual VOMIT BUCKET, used often.  It was just pitiful. But of course, she … Continue reading I Don’t Mind You Coming Here Wasting All My Time

The Tide Is High But I’m Holding On

In recent months, I've been busier than a three-balled tomcat.  Not having as much fun as the tri-baller, though -- mostly work, work, work for me. It was time to take a much needed break. For the second year in a row, I was able to take my daughter away for a nice beach vacation.  … Continue reading The Tide Is High But I’m Holding On

But When She Stops Dancing, Her Mind Turns To The Sea

1.  The big moment came.  Now my girl is a high school graduate. 🎉👏😭 This photo is hilarious (above).  She looks SO ready to be done. She's like "Pshhhhyeah, let's wrap this thing up."        Baby girl rocked it out. Graduated with Honors, 4.09 GPA. 🌟🎓🏆 She plans to be an orthodontist. After the … Continue reading But When She Stops Dancing, Her Mind Turns To The Sea

But Nobody Likes To Wait

I'm back from a harrowing respiratory infection that lasted the better part of two months. Ready to jump right into something happy.  So let's celebrate my daughter.  She just went to her third - and last - prom. Senior Prom, 2015: Boo getting pampered. She hates this photo, but it's my favorite.  She looks so happy. Just … Continue reading But Nobody Likes To Wait

Requiem For A Dream

One of my older photos, quite appropriate for this post:  "Lone Bird, Dark Sky", shot on black and white 120 film using a Diana F+ camera.  A dream I had in the early morning hours of November 11th, 2014: I am sitting in a beautiful courtyard, enjoying the view, when I realized that the grass is covered … Continue reading Requiem For A Dream

I’m Miss World. Somebody Kill Me.

above:  Lana, front and on the 50, doing her color guard thing with the MHS band.  Halftime show, homecoming 2014.To my daughter, who didn't make homecoming court, Like many girls across the country, you felt sad when you weren’t chosen to be a member of your school’s homecoming court.  I hope you don’t think I’m … Continue reading I’m Miss World. Somebody Kill Me.

Four Seasons In One Day

JAMAICA!!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ What a stunning country with such warm, loveable people 🙂 Lana and I had such a magical time. Some of these photos were on Facebook or Instagram, but most have never been posted.  Here are just a few of our favorite places/moments from our wonderful vacation. Was a little worried before take-off, as it … Continue reading Four Seasons In One Day