You’ll Get Nothing, And Like It

This just in:  Jenn has a thing for...Chevy Chase? Entry from my dream journal, April 17th, 2017: As the dream begins, I find myself standing alone in a hotel room.  I barely have enough time to wonder what the hell's going on, when in walks a Caddyshack-era Chevy Chase. Me:  Woah. Chevy Chase:  Darling!  I'm … Continue reading You’ll Get Nothing, And Like It


Requiem For A Dream

One of my older photos, quite appropriate for this post:  "Lone Bird, Dark Sky", shot on black and white 120 film using a Diana F+ camera.  A dream I had in the early morning hours of November 11th, 2014: I am sitting in a beautiful courtyard, enjoying the view, when I realized that the grass is covered … Continue reading Requiem For A Dream

Under The Table And Dreaming

NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES People were gonna start thinking I'd DIED if I didn't stop by for a blog post. Alas, I live and breathe.  But what I went through recently was a death, of sorts.  I was under far too much stress, dealing with a lot of negativity, not eating or sleeping well, getting sick, and having terrible dreams... For … Continue reading Under The Table And Dreaming

When Ifs And Buts Are Candy And Nuts, We’ll All Have A Hell Of A Christmas

Film still, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", 1977. Entry from my Dream Journal, Spring 2012: Lana and I were out for a walk in a neighborhood I've never seen before, and we stopped in front of an adorable house.  I told Lana, "Boy, I'd sure like to live there." Just then, a one-eyed puppy … Continue reading When Ifs And Buts Are Candy And Nuts, We’ll All Have A Hell Of A Christmas