Oh So Much Ding Dong

  Yearly Recap ----------------------------- Hello readers!  Time to say goodbye and good riddance to 2016, the year that shook me to the core and gave my country a ding-donging idiot for president (I DIDN'T VOTE FOR HIM). But it wasn't all bad. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the past twelve months... … Continue reading Oh So Much Ding Dong

Bow From The Waist. Accept Your Kudos.

Above -- reading on my big night. Dress: vintage from the 1970's, just like me...purchased from Pretty Penny antique clothing boutique, California. Glasses:  KLiiK, Denmark. Hello, readers!  I was recently the feature poet at Kollective Coffee and Tea in Hot Springs, and I wanted to share a few photos from that magical evening... 👆🏼Snippet from … Continue reading Bow From The Waist. Accept Your Kudos.

Eat My Shorts

Some recent moments in the world of HOWE...  Above:  reading poetry to the public at Arts in the Park, Hot Springs. Above:  coffee shop poetry reading, Hot Springs.  Photo by Shannen LeCompt. Above:  the real joker -- reading at Kollective Coffee, Hot Springs.  Photo by Kai Coggin. Above:  flying in a dress by Elizabeth and … Continue reading Eat My Shorts

The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

Above:  pretty accurate representation of the average online dating profile pic -- mine included.  God bless.   So yeah...I tried online dating for a few months.  OkCupid, to be exact.  I recently erased my profile, but before I ran (crying and screaming) from the insanity, I had a little fun and updated my info.  While … Continue reading The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

The Tide Is High But I’m Holding On

In recent months, I've been busier than a three-balled tomcat.  Not having as much fun as the tri-baller, though -- mostly work, work, work for me. It was time to take a much needed break. For the second year in a row, I was able to take my daughter away for a nice beach vacation.  … Continue reading The Tide Is High But I’m Holding On

But When She Stops Dancing, Her Mind Turns To The Sea

1.  The big moment came.  Now my girl is a high school graduate. 🎉👏😭 This photo is hilarious (above).  She looks SO ready to be done. She's like "Pshhhhyeah, let's wrap this thing up."        Baby girl rocked it out. Graduated with Honors, 4.09 GPA. 🌟🎓🏆 She plans to be an orthodontist. After the … Continue reading But When She Stops Dancing, Her Mind Turns To The Sea

But Nobody Likes To Wait

I'm back from a harrowing respiratory infection that lasted the better part of two months. Ready to jump right into something happy.  So let's celebrate my daughter.  She just went to her third - and last - prom. Senior Prom, 2015: Boo getting pampered. She hates this photo, but it's my favorite.  She looks so happy. Just … Continue reading But Nobody Likes To Wait