We Both Go Down Together


above photo:  KARK news

February 27th-28th were sad days in Hot Springs, Arkansas and the surrounding area.

We lost a historic landmark when the beautiful Majestic Hotel was slowly destroyed by a raging fire.

Mara Kuhn Arkansas Online

above photo:  Mara Kuhn, Arkansas Online
below:  drone shot, KARK news


Built in 1886, The Majestic was visited by tourists and notables from all over the world for over 120 years.  In its heyday, you could find all types occupying the rooms — including gangster Al Capone and pro baseball player Babe Ruth.

I have some particularly fond memories of the hotel, as I spent time on the property modeling for my friend — photographer Thomas Petillo — as he created images for his gallery/museum/book project “Just A Way Out”.

Me, In Dry Swimming Pool, By Petillo

Above photo:  image from “Just A Way Out”, taken by Thomas Petillo.  Model in the pool — me. 

We had such an amazing time, and the memories will last forever.  I wish the building had 😦

 Until next time, I leave you all with a link to a lovely video tour of the Grande Dame of Hot Springs, comprised of stunning images by Walter Arnold.  You will be missed, Majestic…


xo, Jenn


3 thoughts on “We Both Go Down Together

  1. What a beautiful old hotel. I remember that photo shoot a few years ago. Apparently when Al Capone got out of Alcatraz there was some talk of him taking over as boss again, but syphilis had eroded his mind…. Al can’t run the business since he’s “nuttier than a fruitcake.”

    1. LOL…great comment…and sorry it took so long for me to approve it. DANG IT it takes forever for me to get anything done these days :-/

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